Everyone must have seen that shot of Christine Keeler by Lewis Morley. If you're one of those that haven't, the picture is the one at the top of the page. (Please note: This is the only image on this site that wasn't taken by me.)

The image above is the most famous shot, there a number of others taken in the same sitting. The full story and all the Morley shots can be found on the Victoria and Albert Museum website. (Link opens in a new window.)

I've always loved the iconic 1963 shot of Christine Keeler by Lewis Morley and have been thinking about a project inspired by it for a number of years. With the completion of my own studio and the purchase of a number of chairs based on the original Arne Jacobsen design, I've now started to realise that ambition and shoot specifically for the project: The Chair.

The original brief I set myself was to reproduce that shot with as many different models as I could. Over time, the brief has expanded and now is just a chair, any chair, simply lit against a plain background which offers a lot more scope for letting mine or your imagination run wild. I have a number of chairs in the same style as the Arne Jacobsen copy used for Morley's original shoot but I'm not limiting myself to using them.

If you want to help me add to this project or even just want a boudoir shoot, please get in touch.

  • Emm is lovely and enthusiastic model with a grace and elegance that contradicts her age and inexperience. She was the first model to sit for this project and has got it off to an excellent start.

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  • Tracey is a long-time friend who'd always wanted a boudoir shoot. So when she heard I'd completed building my home studio, she asked if she could come up for a shoot. Only a small part of her extended shoot was spent with the chair but we got some cracking shots.

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  • A few years after her first boudoir shoot, Marie got in touch to arrange another which led to more and eventually to us becoming an item. Along the way we have had loads of shoots. These are some of the pics featuring the chair in my studio.

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  • Although I shot Carol on a number of occasions over several years, we never got round to the chair shoot, These were taken on one of our last sessions and just go to prove the old adage that it's better late than never.

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