It's for charidee, innit mate!

You've all heard about the ladies of the Women's Institute that decided to produce a calendar for charity, later imortalised in the film Calendar Girls. Since that original, many groups have followed suit to raise money for their sports clubs, favourite charities or whatever cause they hold dear.

You too can have your own calendar. You don't need to be models, just have a good sense of humour and be comfortable in yourself. Although you can have any pictures you like, to keep in the spirit of the original there are only two 'rules':

  1. Only implied nudity. This means that you will appear to be naked but there are no genitals or ladies' nipples visible.
  2. Ladies and Gents cannot appear in the same image. There's nothing to stop you producing a calendar containing both men and women but they must appear on separate pages.

These are not writ in stone but they are followed by most charity calendar producers. If you know your target audience will accept something a little more risqué then go for it! We are happy to shoot anything legal and within the bounds of good taste.

If you want to give it a try, give me a call or drop me an email and we can discuss your requirements. If required, we can also arrange for the calendars to be printed - there will be no charge for the shoot and production but you will need to cover any printing costs.

As with all free shoots, we reserve the right to use some of the images on our websites although we won't do so until after the calendar year is passed.